Meet the speakers 



blair imani

Blair Imani is a critically-acclaimed historian, outspoken advocate and activist, and dynamic public speaker. The author of two historical books: Modern HERstory: Stories of Women and Nonbinary People Rewriting History (2018) and Making Our Way Home: The Great Migration and The Black American Dream (2020), she centers women and girls, global Black communities, and the LGBTQ community. She takes education further on Patreon and provides publicly accessible weekly lessons on Instagram. Blair has appeared on Fox News and MSNBC, presented at colleges and universities, spoken at conferences around the world, and delivered powerful talks for organizations and brands including TEDx and GLAAD.


preeta banerjee, phd

Preeta Banerjee, PhD is the first Hindu chaplain at Tufts University. She has been a spiritual companion who draws on a broad and deep range of experience, having spent over 20 years in academia, coaching and consulting as an advocate, educator, researcher, and author. She is a strong voice for combining spirituality, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and social change.

Olivia Elder currently works on the criminal justice reform team at, where she focuses on families of incarcerated people. She has led faith and justice workshops around the District and sits on the board of a DC-based service organization.

Kaitlin Curtice is a poet, author, and public speaker. As an enrolled citizen of the Potawatomi Nation and someone who has grown up in the Christian faith, Kaitlin writes on the intersection of Indigenous spirituality, faith in everyday life, and decolonization within the church. Her new book, NATIVE: Identity, Belonging, and Rediscovering God, is about identity, soul-searching, and being on the never-ending journey of finding ourselves and finding God.

Sensei Alex Kakuyo is a lay Buddhist minister, former Marine, and vegan. He focuses on helping students integrate spirituality with their daily lives through movement, gratitude, and meditation. Alex supports social justice demonstrations as a chaplain, and he is the author of Perfectly Ordinary: Buddhist Teachings for Everyday Life.