Meet the speakers 

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Huda Alkaff (she/her) is an ecologist, environmental educator, and the founder and director of Wisconsin Green Muslims, a grassroots environmental justice group formed in 2005 connecting faith, environmental justice, sustainability, and healing through education and service. Huda’s higher education degrees are in Conservation Ecology, Sustainable Development, and Science/Environmental Education from the University of Georgia. Wisconsin Green Muslims has educated thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds in Wisconsin and beyond on a variety of environmental topics, including environmental justice, climate change, water, food, fair trade, solar energy, energy efficiency, waste reduction, and transportation equity. The group’s Green Ramadan campaign is now shared and implemented in approximately 20 states and globally. 


Intersectional Environmentalist (IE) is a climate justice community and resource hub centering BIPOC and historically under-amplified voices in the environmental space. They curate accessible educational resources + experiences while serving as an incubator to spark ideas, promote collaboration + connect our community with grassroots environmental justice efforts. IE seeks to empower our audience to create change in their local communities and to root their environmental practice in equity and inclusion. They believe climate justice is social justice, that everyone can play a role in the environmental movement and that protecting the planet means amplifying the voices of those often unheard. 

Three of the members of IE, including two of its founders, will join us at Ripple Conference 2022! You can read more about them below.

For more information about Intersectional Environmentalist, you can check out their website or Instagram @intersectionalenvironmentalist 


LEah Thomas

Leah Thomas (she/her) is an environmentalist writer and creative based in Ventura, CA. She is the founder of eco-lifestyle blog Green Girl Leah and Intersectional Environmentalist, a community and resource hub centering BIPOC and historically excluded voices. Her book, The Intersectional Environmentalist, will be released in March of 2022.

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Amira Chandni

Amira (she/they) is an environmental equity consultant, multimedia artist + model, and researcher of localized fibersheds + food systems and Ayurvedic healing. her commitment to advocating for all people + ecosystems grew on the farm while learning how to nurture and be nurtured by the karela patches, raspberry shrubs, and acres of green from her grandpa. she believes that fashion, land, and identity are inextricably related and utilizes her research work + arts practices to bring unheard and underrepresented narratives intertwining land, identity, and fashion to the forefront.

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Sabs Katz

 Sabs Katz (she/her) advocates for low waste living, ethical + secondhand fashion, plant-based eating, conscious consumption, and health + wellness through her platform, Sustainable Sabs. She is also a Co-Founder of Intersectional Environmentalist.