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Ripple Leaders:

Student Leadership

To contact a Ripple coordinator, please email (











Maria Guadarrama-Hernandez (she/her)

Ripple Co-Coordinator, Elon University, '24

Shannon Kutcher (she/her)

Ripple Co-Coordinator, Elon University, '24

Ben Waggener (he/him)

Special Events Coordinator, Elon University, '23

Claire McGrath (she/her)

Community Groups Coordinator, Elon University, '23

Hailey Schumann (she/her)

Hospitality Coordinator, Hope College, '23

Ivy Breivogel (she/her)

Breakout Sessions Coordinator, Elon University, '23 (M.H.Ed.)

Jacob Perkins (he/him)

Community Groups Coordinator, Guilford College, '22

Marcinah Lovick (she/her)

Hospitality Coordinator, Elon University, '22

Morgan Chisholm (she/her)

PR/Social Media Coordinator, Elon University, '23

Olivia Lender (she/her)

Special Events Coordinator, High Point University, '23

Ryan Mijumbi (he/him)

PR/Social Media Coordinator, High Point University, '22

Staff support

Allison Pelyhes (she/her)

Ripple Conference Advisor, Multifaith Coordinator, Elon University



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