Ripple 2021

Last year, the Ripple Conference hosted its first national, virtual conference. Normally, we would gather on Elon’s campus to gather around breakout sessions, meals, speakers, and other settings. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we hosted Ripple entirely online.

As a result, we had national participation not only during the conference and also representation from multiple schools on our planning team. 

The conference was overall successful, but feedback suggested that in-person conferences are preferred and that community spaces did not offer the same engagement as they do in person.


2022 Plan

This year, we are hosting a “hybrid” Ripple. In order to offer students, faculty, and staff at Elon an opportunity to gather in person, we will having meal offerings, community spaces, and a service project at Loy farm to encourage in-person participation. Simultaneously, we will offer breakout sessions, our keynote, and a panel online for our Ripple friends across the country.  We suggest that each school plans a Sunday morning service project for faculty, staff, and students to participate in from your campus. For ideas, please email Ripple Conference at rippleconference@gmail.com.

For more details on the breakdown of the conference based on your location see below:

Event                   On-Campus (Elon)        Off-Campus 

Keynote/Panel          Yes, streamed live          Yes, streamed live 

Meals                                     Yes                                   No*             

Community Spaces              Yes                                   No*             

Affinity Spaces                Yes, online                     Yes, online         

Service Project                      Yes                                   No*             

Sacred Sounds                      Yes                                   No*             

Shabbat                                 Yes                      Yes, streamed live  

Breakout Sessions                 Yes                                  Yes             

*we encourage campuses to do this themselves